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Ocean Water & Ocean Life (EOYXP)

The zone where the land and ocean overlap and meet
Sunlight never reaches this zone
Organisms that live on or in the sea's floor.
This is the energy source for bacteria in hydrothermal vents
Seawater density is affected by salinity and this.
This is the zone that is located from where low tide is and seaward. 90% of commercial fisheries work in this region
The middle layer in the ocean
Total amount of solid material dissolved in water.
The larval stages of many marine organisms
This is the open ocean at any depth
Carnivores at the top of the food chain that eat several organisms cause this to form
Most of the salt dissolved in seawater
This area has high water pressure, cold temperatures, no sunlight and very little life.
Two sources of elements in sea water is from the Earth's interior and from chemical weathering of rocks on the ___
The upper part of the ocean where sun penetrates
The layer of ocean water located between 300-1000 meters
The transfer of energy starting with a primary producer
What do minerals do where hydrothermal vents are located?
This is one of the 2 factors that affect productivity in temperate oceans
This is the zone beyond the continental shelf
Bacteria, animals and algae that can only move with the ocean currents.
The prefix for the plankton that undergo photosynthesis