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World History Final Review

A group of people related by blood or marriage
US Promise to support countries fighting communisim
Book written by Hitler in prision
A mathematician who showed that the orbits of the planets were elliptical
A rapid increase in prices
National policy of avoiding political and economic relations with other countries
Person who said that space and time are relative to observer
Believed that the universe was heliocentric
Confrontation between the US and the USSR that came close to starting a nuclear war
Office of an Islamic spiritual leader
Method of making high-quality steel efficiently and cheap
Political philosophy that favors a strong central government led by a dictator
France, Great Britain, and Russia
A country that is economically and politically dependent on another country
Council made up of representatives from workers and soldiers
US policy to rebuild war-torn Europe
Ruled the Soviet Union with sole power in a regime of terror
Ceramic material used to make everyday objects as well as object of fine art
Term used by Nazis to describe their supposed master race
Germany, Austria-Hungry, and Italy
Proposed germ theory of disease
Military strategy that uses unexpected maneuvers
Suicide mission in which young Japanese pilots flew their planes into US ships
Policies of committee of public safety to defend France from domestic threats
Nazi plan for extermination of the Jews
Freedom of religion, speech, the press, and the right to own property
Process of assembling troops
A braid of hair worn at the back of the head
British term for German air raids during WWII