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World History Final Review part2

The French middle class
Period of political tension between the US and Soviet Union
Led revolts against Spanish rule in Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador
Of this world; not religious based
Central American waterway opened in 1914
Indian leader who encouraged his followers to protest British rule
When a government pays out more money than it takes in through taxation and over revenues
Led a revolution in Cuba and took over the government
Unique cultural identity of a people
Deliberate mass murder of a group
Waterway that connects the Mediterranean and Red Seas
Caused US to enter WWII
Nazi plan for extermination of the Jews
Style that emphasized grace and charm
Impressionist painter
Guarantee by the US to protect Latin America from Europe
British explorer who helped develop the Congo River Basin
Chinese dynasty famous for traditional blue-and-white pottery
Military draft
He thought human experience was strongly determined by past experiences
Person who discovered the first radioactive element
First European to explore the universe with a telescope