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George Lucas History

George Lucas’s first film, _____, is a coming of age story that is centered around pre-Kennedy’s Assassination 1960s.
Name another one of the Big Three automobile manufacturers that feuded with Tucker?
Name one of the Big Three automobile manufacturers that feuded with Tucker?
What was the name of Tucker’s car?
This movie which is the sequel to Lucas’s first movie depicts the burning of draft cards, the war in vietnam, campus peace protests, and the counterculture of the 1960s.
What award did the Tuskegee Airmen receive?
Name the last of the Big Three automobile manufacturers that feuded with Tucker?
This Star Wars character is known as a 1980’s icon for most women, major feminist, and inspired many other film heroines since her debut.
What major war inspired George Lucas’s creation of Star Wars?
Red Tails depicts this operation that the Tuskegee Airmen participated in.
Star Wars was not only the name of Lucas’s franchise, which president named a strategic defense initiative after the franchise that wanted to put laser satellites into orbit?
Set during the Nicaraguan Revolution, Lucas’s film, Latino, depicts this group of US backed rebels.
More American Graffiti follows the main characters from 1964-1967, during parts of the movie, what war is depicted?
In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indy ends up in a model town in Nevada minutes before this type of device was tested during Operation Plumbbob.
This company established by Lucas revolutionized the special effects industry and was responsible for all of star wars special effects.
What President was Emperor Palpatine allegedly inspired by?
This movie made US history as it cast the most dwarves of any film in US history coming in at about 225 people.
This artifact was an item featured in Raiders of the Lost ark that Nazi officials actually searched for.
What was Lucas’s inspiration for the force?
George Lucas was born on May 14, _____, one year before the end of World War II, which he based one of his film series on.
How many Tucker Torpedos were produced?
Tucker: The Man and His Dream was based off of what person?
What accusation did Tucker receive from the Us Securities and Exchange Commission?
This film is based off a group of US servicemen in World War II.
Alliance members often fight using guerilla warfare, what controversial war did Lucas draw inspiration from when he decided to use guerrilla warfare?