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Spelling 5/21-5/25 For Jasmine, Samantha, Emmanuel and Gavin!

This fabric is made from a fluffy plant.
To copy someone.
Watch those wires!
All at once!
A light ------ turns it on and off.
The room in the house where things are cooking!
To pitch, lob, throw, toss or hurl.
My Aunt's daughter is my ------.
The river was rising quickly. The water was ----- moving.
At Halloween, they always have a ------- party.
Oops, the car backed into a pole and there was a loud ------.
Miller Middle School is a big block --------.
The ------ pane had frost on it.
Yum! I made chocolate ----- for the party!
A crustacean from the sea, this is delicious fried or in scampi!