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World History Final Exam Review

A group of traveling animals and merchants.
Means "Roman Peace"
Mountain range that the Incas settled in.
Chinese dynasty famous for unifying China and building the Great Wall.
Common people in Rome.
Hindus believe this will determine what they will be in their next life
Rome fought this city in the Punic Wars.
Chinese philosopher who believed in keeping promises and respecting elders.
The belief that a person is reborn many times
Roman emperor who moved Roman capital to Byzantium.
Wealthy people in Rome.
Third largest religion in world today
Religion founded by Siddhartha Gautama
Civilization located in Southern Mexico and Central America.
Most powerful Aztec ruler.
A ruler with absolute power.
Holy book of Islam
Sacred texts of Hinduism
Long-dead family members
Inserting fine needles into the skin to relieve pain.
Language of ancient India