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History of Journalism

Just how many years after Pulitzer took it over, did the World became the highest circulation newspaper in New York
The Tribune was the first newspaper, in 1886, to use what machine
Most of the first newspapers were tied to these
This kind of journalism became present in the 21st century
The last name of the man who published the New York Herald
The first name of the man who invented the linotype machine
a famous comic strip revolving around a bald child in a yellow nightshirt
the dominant daily in that city in 1882
These type of newspapers started going after department store advertising in the 1890s
Crime news featured these types of headlines, and startling graphic art
The woman who edited the New York Tribune
What began to play a major role in American journalism from the 1830s onward
The circulation o daily newspapers has done what since 2006
Pulitzer put the World in this type of reform
Starting in the 1920s changes in technology again morphed the nature of American journalism with this
The first newspaper to fit the 20th century style of a newspaper
The period of time in which press grew rapidly
This cartoonist began drawing it in the World in early 1896
These publishers were one of the most influential immigrant groups in developing the ethnic press
The last name of the man who purchased the World in 1882
The rapid growing impact of what was able to bring people free news without paid subscriptions
In 1556, the government that first published the monthly Notizie scritte ("Written notices")
This newspaper and The Journal were in fierce competition
William Randolph Hearst, a mining heir who acquired the San Francisco Examiner from who in 1887
This began to play an increasingly important role in journalism during the 1920s
One of the solutions presented to help keep newspapers afloat in a technologically driven era
Who founded the first national newspaper chain in the United States
Newspapers began to expand and appear outside eastern U.S. cities. during this century
Just about each one of these groups had a newspaper in their language
The number of men in Europe and assigned domestic correspondents to key cities, including the first reporter to regularly cover Congress in 1838
The Examiner devoted 24 percent of its space to what