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AP US History 1920s & 30s Review

Teacher: Mr. Timmons
Legislation that paid farmers to reduce production and hurt tenant farmers and sharecroppers
Name for veterans seeking payments who were violently dispersed on Hoover's orders
Act that made the manufacture, sale and transportation of alcohol ilegal
Act that granted workers the right to organize and collectively bargain
Attorney General who arrested and deported undesirable aliens in 1919
Agency which employed thousands of artists, actors and writers
Term for the risky investment in stocks that characterized the market of the 1920s
Agency designed to bring jobs, electricity and modernization to the upper rural South
Italian immigrants and anarchists who were convicted of murder in an infamous 1920s trial
The increased ownership of this new transportation technology revolutionized American life in the 1920s
President whose integrity reassured the nation after the Harding scandals
Physician who advocated giving everyone over 60 a $200 pension
Unpopular FDR "scheme" to undermine Supreme court opposition
First name of famous first lady that fought for social justice and was her husband's "legs"
Defendant who was found guilty of teaching evolution in Dayton Tennessee
Leader of the Bureau of Indian Affairs who implemented the Indian Recovery Act
Term for FDR's efforts to combat the Great Depression
Black leader who promoted African American business and pan-African unity
Period following FDR's inauguration when many programs were established to fight the Depression
Agency associated with the blue eagle that was declared unconstitutional in 1935
Agency designed to help tenant farmers and sharecroppers buy their own land
Famous lawyer who led the defense in the 1925 evolution trial
3 time presidential candidate who led the prosecution in the famous evolution trial of 1925
Nickname for Louisiana senator Huey Long who advocated sharing the wealth
FDR appointee who provided direct relief to millions of poor Americans
Albert Fall was the chief figure in this famous scandal of the Harding administration
Enduring act that provided pensions for the elderly
This hysteria in 1919 grew out of the intense nationalism of WW I
Leader of the CIO who unionized the steel and auto industries
Agency that hired young men to clear land, plant trees and build bridges
These immigrants were exempted from the provisions of the National Origins Act
This was the weakest area of the American economy in the 1920s
First woman to be appointed to the Cabinet
Anti-Semitic priest that advocated socialism
Black singer denied access to Constitution Hall that performed at the Lincoln Memorial at Eleanor's urging
Location of the most famous flowering of black culture in the 1920s
President who favored private charities confront the problems of the Great Depression