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History of the Royal Weddings

About how many clothing coupons did Queen Elizabeth need to save up to create her dress?
How many years has Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip been married?
What is Meghan's last name?
All of these royals married for...
Where did Harry and Meghan get married?
The technical surname of the royal house
Who is Prince Harry's brother?
Who is Queen Elizabeth's husband?
What is Prince William's wife's name?
These were a different type of guests that attended Harry and Meghan's wedding
The Netflix show about young Queen Elizabeth and her life
Why didn't Meghan's dad walk her down the aisle?
Who was missing from Queen Elizabeth's wedding (Philip's side of the family)?
One of Philip's claims to a throne he gave up before marrying Elizabeth
What country is Meghan from?
Where Queen Elizabeth (and prince Philip) and then Prince William got married
What flower is a royal tradition to include in the bouquet?
Who walked Meghan down the aisle?
Who is Prince Charles' mother?
What was Meghan's previous job?