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World History Review

A great English scientist who developed the theory of motion and gravity.
The Bolsheviks renamed their party this, the name came from the writings of Karl Marx.
He was the leader of the Bolsheviks and the first leader of the Soviet Union, his real name was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov.
Started over gossip about beef and pork greased cartridges within Sepoy soldiers in India. This uprising spread over much of northern India and ended British East India Company’s rule over India.
This is the earth-centered view of the universe.
A type of warfare in which soldiers fought each other from trenches
This Russian Czar became one of Russia’s greatest reformers with his goal of westernization Russia.
This philosopher held a positive view of human nature and that man was born with three natural rights- life, liberty, and property.
A new intellectual movement that stressed reason and though and the power of individual to solve problems in society and government.
The idea that God created the monarchy and that the monarch acted as God’s representative on Earth.
A social theory that Europeans believed that they were superior race, inspired by the ideas of Charles Darwin’s about evolution.
During the Russian Revolution these were local councils consisting of workers, peasants, and soldiers.
The most powerful ruler in French history built Versailles
A term referring to British rule of India by the British government
This philosopher devoted himself to the study of political liberty, believed that Britain was the best-governed country. Gave us the ideas about separation of power and checks and balances.
A conference in 1884-85 to lay down rules for the division of Africa by European powers.
This philosopher was passionately committed to individual freedom. In his book he believed that government was one that was freely formed by the people and guided by the “general will” of society.
With a long history of nationalist uprisings and ethnic clashes, the Balkans was known as this of Europe
This lavish palace of Louis XIV was proof of his absolute power.
The cold, hard, and impersonal totalitarian leader of the Soviet Union who is best known for his purges and Five Year Plans
Developed by Nicolaus Copernicus this was the sun-centered theory of the universe.
Germany had developed a battle strategy to attack and defeat France in the west and then rush east to fight Russia.
This was Woodrow Wilson’s outlined plan for achieving a just and lasting peace after World War I.
This Corsican became a French General and Emperor, forged an Empire which collapsed as fast as it grew and died in St. Helena.
This was a temporary government lead by the Duma after the March Revolution succeeded in bringing down the czar. The Bolsheviks replaced this government.
This was the name of a Russian Marxists group who led a successful communist revolution in November 1917
To enforce the Continental System, Napoleon invaded Spain and Portugal and started this War
This Jacobin leader became the head of the Committee of Public Safety and governed France like a dictator during the Reign of Terror.
These were members of a radical political organization or club during the French Revolution.
Napoleon’s last bid for power in France
This astronomer built his own telescope and announced that Jupiter had four moons and the moon had a rough, uneven surface; got into a lot of trouble with the church with his findings.
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