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Mary Day

Teacher: Richard
Back part of the ship
Tapering mast attached to ship's mast to spread the head of a square sail
Wick'd good schooner.
Ropes supporting the mast of a ship
When facing forward the right side of the ship
7', 15'cb
To punish for stealing the captains coffee.
Small triangular sail extending from the foremast
Ninety feet
To swing a sail from one side to another
Part of ship's stern where name is displayed
To reduce the area of sail by rolling or folding part of it
Winch used to raise the anchor
The nickname of the man who commissioned the Mary Day
When facing forward the left side of a ship
Mast nearest the bow of the ship
Movement of the ship backwards
Rope or tackle used for hoisting sails
Captain of a ship
Either end of the yard of a square-rigged ship
To change a ships course to make the boom switch sides
Home port
Midway between the bow and stern of a ship
Rope used to keep weather edge of a sail taut
Part of the anchor that fastens in the ground
Principal sail on mainmast
Spar on which head of fore-and-aft sail are extended
To sail swiftly before a gale
To turn a ship's stern to windward to alter it's course
Front of a ship