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The EdTech Awards 2018 Winners - Puzzle 1

Small pieces
One hundred engaged
Schoolish external structure
Before third street
Students martial arts room
Greeting or agreement gesture
Brought together via book viewing
Floating video recorder
Blend of instruction and structure
Simpler var. of augment
Indigo Extra Large
4th letter, boxset
Of the United States
Not hard tupper___ + 2
___ ___ and monacle
The Great Gatsby, edu-style
Melville's fish opposite min.
Past, present, ___ + to study and understand
Dr. Frederic ____, pioneer in voc. guidance
8.5x11 sheet receptacle
Of intelligent, quick devices
Not far + elongated seed vessel
How well you do, counts
Special knowledge ahead or beforehand
Rebirth, reawakening
Guiding light that moves
Jap. fire + science areas
Germ. masc. 'bright mind'
Scottish groups + school, though Finnish
Catch sonic
Intelligent pronoun blend