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Force and Motion

Teacher: Mr. Sliker
The tendency of an object to resist change in the direction or speed of its motion
An equal, opposite response to a force being applied
In a state in which equal and opposite forces cancel each other out
A form of energy that allows us to hear
The way or course toward which something moves or faces
The amount of matter, measured on Earth by its weight
The energy a body has because of its position, electrical charge, or structure; stored energy
The amount of space between things
The act of going from on place to another; movement
The strength or force that keeps something moving
The energy that a moving body has because of its motion
The rate of movement in a certain direction
To pull toward
To force or push away
The strength or energy that moves an object
The force that pulls thins toward the center of Earth or any other object that has mass
The movement of energy from one object to another or the change of energy from one form to another
A force that that pushes and pulls certain metals
A machine with moving parts that uses power to create motion; a motor
The act of using force to move something over a certain distance
The combined force of electricity
Experiencing little or no noticeable gravitational pull
The rate of movement
A pause during which no force is moving an object
An are around a magnet or a moving electrical charge within which a magnetic force acts
Energy created by moving charged particles
A force that slows down moving thngsi
A form of radiant energy that allows us to see
A form of energy that is transferred from an object with a higher temperature to an object with a lower temperature
A machine that turns potential and kinetic energy into electricity
How heavy something is, determined by the pull of gravity on the object's mass
The power to do work, make a change, or move objects
A statement about results that always occur under certain circumstances