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How well do you know the Niagara Region? (trivia and history)

In the early 1800s, people moved back and forth across the Niagara River from Youngtown to Canada taking one of these
The most peaceful sound on Lake Ontario
Lewiston Arts Festival features art work done in the street in this medium
Joel's name for gasoline
Type of gun used at Fort Niagara; in the name of Youngstown restaurant
More challenging to get to Canada without this
Park in the village of Youngstown
Summer festivals in Lewiston happen nearly every weekend on this street
Show we watched as a family our first summer in Youngstown
This type of truck serves to block out traffic for Youngstown festivities/ carnival
One of our favorite things about Youngstown
Famous regatta at YYC
Makes delicious homemade pies
Iconic Lippman family celebration on front lawn of Shack
Smokey was once called this at F & I War Re-enactment
Three historic bridges connect these islands to each other and to Goat Island
Favorite room in the "shack"
Biblical name; related to prior name of pathway to Youngstown
Aaron's favorite sandwich in Lewiston at one point in time
Former name for N.O.T.L.
Name of YYC launch
Wooden landmark in Youngstown; sit of a former tavern
Name of the original hotel in Youngstown in 1891
Mark's favorite volunteer job during YYC ragattas
How many flags fly over Fort Niagara today?
Sculpture near Hibbard's is a tribute to the assistance provided by this Indian tribe
Famous Youngstown landmark from the water
Joel's name for Kathy's bicycle
Lippman family favorite Perry's Ice Cream flavor
Village Diner slogan "Good food for ____ folk"
Another name for Fort Niagara stone building
Youngstown festival in June celebrates this fruit
Original theatre in 1962 for what is now the Shaw Festival
Color of Hibbard's Cookie Monster custard
This person always knows the "inside scoop" for everything Youngstown ?
Lewiston festival in the Fall celebrates this fruit