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All or Nothing Crossword II

Author: R Laurel
What is Riley's nick name for Parker?
What scenic place did Marco take Trina to?
Which Reed cousin did Trina talk to after her media melt down?
What kitchen utensil did Mama Paloma have in her hands when Trina met her?
Where did Theresa take Grandma Reed's seniors group?
What is Savannah's occupation?
What television show was auditioning contestants while Parker and the ladies were shopping?
Riley was trying to convince his sister Aubrey she wouldn't like what outdoor activity?
What was Savannah's mom taping when she interrupted Austin & Savannah's first date?
Who paid Trina a visit at the vineyard?
What is the name of Trina's record label?
Which Reed cousin did Trevor visit after speaking with his boss on the ferry?
Bridgette had a choice of living with Parker and Avery or at the?
What kind of car does Marco drive?
Marco's brother Matteo is the host of what?
Trevor and Theresa took Alexis to the harvest festival to pick what for Halloween?
Mackenzie told Bridgette that "nobody likes a ____ ___".
What did Riley buy Parker to replace the one that was wrecked?
What is the name of Savannah's dog?
What event was Marco attending when he got the first call from Alex?
Trevor made it home for what holiday?
Austin paid for what special item for Peyton's big day?
Austin and Noah liked to play what table top game?
What special forces unit was Austin part of while in the military?
What does Theresa do for a living?
Who did Trevor rescue in Paris?