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Canadian History

pages 14-18

To get rid of something, like slavery
First person to map Canada's Atlantic Shore
First Europeans in Canada
Assigned Canada's national colours of red and white
First prime minister of Canada
Another name for Canada's birthday
Iroquois word for 'village'
Aboriginal chief who helped the British fight off the Americans in 1812
French speaking Catholics living under British rule
The former name for Toronto
Led 1,000s of Loyalist Mohawk Indians into Canada after American Revolution
Leader of the British army in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham
Upper Canada's first Lieutenant Governor
Suggested the term 'dominion of Canada' in 1864
First European to explore St. Lawrence River
The modern name for Fort Garry
Built Quebec City in 1608
The first head of a responsible government
Another word for the coureurs des bois
Nomadic aboriginal group followed bison herds