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Things You Will See at National Seminar 2018

It's a violation of the "__" Act to record the sounds, or sounds and images, of the musical performances at National Seminar
National Seminar is our annual event for all handbell ____
"__" Grove; National Board President
Host city for National Seminar 2019
Host state for National Seminar 2018
Major event fundraiser; bid early and bid often
"___" Nance, National Board member from Nevada
The "___" Combos; course offering
Distinctly Teen Guest Conductor
Hitting the "___"; Thursday class session 5
Primary hotel for National Seminar 2018
Once Upon A Time: The Art of Musical "___"; course offering
Handbell Industry Council
Friday night concert Campanas "___"
Friday night HIC Happy Hour "___"
Saturday morning HIC Showcase: A Festival of Ringing in "___"
"___" Reel With Handbells; course offering
If you wish to use a tablet computer, you must get permissIon from the ___ of each piece of music
Stretcher Extraordinaire; Rob Meyer-___
This year's National Seminar is __ 17-21, 2018
"Maybe It’s Me"; Handbell Stand Up ___
Host city for National Seminar 2018
Composition Master Class clinician
"__" Ringers, Wednesday night's feature performers
Conducting Master Class clinician
Only ringing track with a concert (and auditions!)
50 Shades of "___"; course offering
"___" Festival with Chancel Ringers of First United Methodist Church of Downers Grove