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Chemistry Review

Teacher: Dr. Terry
Ions formed when a group of atoms gains or loses electrons
Absolute temperature scale
273K and 1.00atm
Process that absorbs heat
Compound containing a metal and nonmetal
# of moles of component divided by total # of moles in mixture
Bitter, slippery, turns red litmus blue
What vapor pressure does with increasing temp
The standard unit for pressure
Pressure exerted by the vapor which sits on top of any liquid
What does solubility of a gas do when pressure increases
Gives up H's
Process that releases heat
The maximum amount of solute that can dissolve in a given amount of solvent
At constant pressure, the temp and volume are linearly proportional
What the volume of a gas does when temperature increases
What the pressure of an ideal gas depends on
# moles of solute/kg solvent
Compound formed by the sharing of electrons
Pa, mmHg, atm, torr are units of
Temp at which the vapor pressure of a liquid is equal to normal atmospheric pressure
At constant temperature, the product of volume and pressure is always the same
The force per unit area exerted on an object
Accepts H's
The substance that is being dissolved
What the volume of a gas does when pressure increases
# moles/liter of solution
The substance the solute is dissolved in
Sour, conduct electricity in water, turn blue litmus red