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Organic Chemistry Crossword

____ carbocations are the most stable.
Acid catalyzed dehydration will convert cyclohexanol to ______
A less toxic alternative to PCC is ____ oxidation
Acid-Catalyzed Hydration displays ____ regioselectivity, with the OH bonding to the more highly substituted carbon of the alkene
Commonly used for oxidation of primary alcohols to aldehydes
Polar ___ solvents accelerate SN2 reactions.
A Lewis acid is an electron pair ___
2-Butene + Br2 ---> 2,3- ______
____ cleaves C=C bonds and gives 2 carbonyl groups in its place.
A way to view a molecule down a C-C single bond and evaluate relative orientations of attached groups. _____ projection.
_____ reagent is used to oxidize primary alcohols to carboxylic acids
Dissolving metal reduction turns internal alkynes to ____ alkenes
What is the 2nd step of a radical chain mechanism
_____ Oxidation
___ center. A tetrahedral atom with 4 different groups bonded to it.
The addition of Bromine to an alkene creates a bridged ____ ion intermediate.
Stereoisomers that are nonsuperposable mirror images of each other.