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US History Midterm Review

Referring to the central government
A change or addition to a legal document
Forced movement of the Cherokee to the West (3 words)
The process by which the House makes a formal accusation against the President
A belief that the US had the God-given right to expand to the Pacific (2 words)
European philosophical movement that emphasizes reason as a means to improve society
President's power to refuse a bill
Strong sense of loyalty to a state or section
A person seeking the legal end to slavery
Crops grown for sale (2 words)
A tax placed on imports
Formal approval (of the Constitution)
The policy of not taking sides in a dispute
The actions that a nation takes in relation to other nations (2 words)
Refuse to recognize a federal law
System of government in which authority rests with the people
System of government in which voters choose representatives to govern
A group of nations bound by a treaty
Agreement of a party or person (ex. the governed)
A group of officials who advise the President