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One fish two fish red fish blue fish

Author: Aaron Kaminsky
A ____ was in your ear.
We play a game called Ring the ____.
I box in yellow Gox box _____.
We like our bike. It is made for ____.
My hat is old. My teeth are _____.
We took a look. We saw a ____.
The Wump of ____.
Funny things are ____.
My name is Ish. On my hand I have a ____.
Did you ever fly a ____ in bed?
Who am I? My name is ____.
If you have a lot of ink, then you should get a ___, I think.
A ____ for cans is very good.
We saw some ____ take a walk in their sleep.
My ____ can sing
Today is gone. Today was fun. ____ is another one.
Mr. Gump has a seven hump ____.
How many fingers do I see?
A lot of things have come to call. A cow, a dog, a cat, a ------------.
These yellow pets are called the ___.
The fat one has a yellow ____.