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History of the Nurse Anesthetist

First state to opt out of the federal physician supervision requirement for nurse anesthetist
Agatha _____ founder of NANA (now AANA).
Degree required in 2025 to sit for the CRNA certification exam
When physicians first took interest in anesthesia.
"Mother of Anesthesia"
1933 city held the first NANA meeting
Chalmers-Francis vs. ____ confirming legality of CRNA practice
William ____ first successfully demonstrated surgical anesthesia at MGH.
Current number of states in the opt-out for federal physician supervision
"the ____care of the sleeper by the light of the lamp learning"
CRNAs first APN to get ____ reimbursement by Medicare Part B in 1986
Sr. Mary Bernard was the first nurse to administer ____ in 1877.
1945 - first ____ exam (now certification)