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Aviation Crossword Puzzle

You'll be ready for a career in Aviation - Good Luck!
The aerodynamic force that tends to keep an aircraft in the air
The body of an airplane to which the wing, tail and landing gear are attached
A wind that is blowing from behind an aircraft, helping it fly faster
A disturbance or uneven flow of air that causes an aircraft to bounce in flight
The forward force developed in a jet engine
The testing procedure a pilot uses before flying to ensure that an aircraft's equipment and systems are working properly
To move an aircraft slowly on the ground before takeoff or after landing
A system that removes ice that has formed on an aircraft
Located near the end of the wing which are used to make an aircraft bank or roll
A field from which aircraft land and takeoff
The large airfoils that extend out from either side of the middle of an airplane's fuselage to provide the lift needed to fly.
Devices located on the wing that can be extended to increase lift and drag, especially during takeoff or landing
Refers to any system or device used to help guide a pilot while flying an aircraft
A fixed horizontal or vertical part of the tail that keeps the aircraft stable as it flies
Measures changes in air pressure to calculate how high an aircraft is flying
Height above sea level that an aircraft is flying above ground
Where the pilots sit
An airport building specially designed to house an aircraft
The paved area where aircraft can be loaded, unloaded or parked
Strip of paved ground on which aircraft take off and land
The pilot in command - sits in the left seat of the cockpit
A unit of aviation speed that equals one nautical mile per hour, which is equivalent to 1.151 miles per hour