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Great ____ Links, a site with card game links
A Four Horsemen and a transfer
ACBL includes USA, Canada, and _____
In 1996 ACBL collaborated with her for the t.v. show Bridge Brush-Up (two words)
Mayor who closed the Fishbein club in 2000
New ACBL news page (two words)
City location of Nils Jensen Bridge Museum
KPTV (OR) gave formal Bridge lessons on this show (three words)
_____ Duplicate: Two pairs play N/S and E/W then switch positions and play the same board
Incorporated in 1966, it became a full-service travel agency specializing in Bridge cruises (3 words)
The Laws of Contract Bridge are not designed to prevent this
The ____ Affair from 2005 European Open
Color of clubs from the Bid-Rite Playing Card Co.
Number of countries in the African Bridge Federation
British ____ Match: House of Commons vs House of Lords
Club founded in the '40s by Harry Fishbein
A murder over Bridge
Corn, Wolff, Goldman, Eisenberg, Lawrence, and Jacoby team
Person peering over the shoulder of a Bridge player
Presents an important match to a large audience
Bendix G-15 computer that played Bridge
Color of diamonds from the Bid-Rite Playing Card Co.
Are conventions worth it? Scientists vs _____ played three matches to determine
_____-Lenz Match: Bridge Battle of the Century held in 1931-1932
May be your next partner
Hand that fails in a big way to live up to expectations
Perpendicular card marking a trick won in Whist (two words)
A sealed, soundproof room for 1 table and 4 players
Replaced 21 down (abbrev)
Abbreviated BtBF this African country has 812 members
Sharif Bridge _____