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The Nature of Science- Unit 1

Name: ______________________________

Date: __________________  Period: ______
Study of all living things
An organized procedure to study something under controlled conditions
Evidence gained from observations
Process of obtaining information by using the senses
Study of the Earth's materials that make it up
Variable that is not allowed to change in the investigation
A well supported explanation about the natural world
Study of energy and all non living matter
Systematic study of natural events and conditions
A basic principle of nature that always occurs under certain conditions
Measurements and information gathered during an investigation that can be used in calculating or reasoning
Factor that is measured to gather results
A representation of something in the natural world
Factor that is deliberately changed in order to test the effect or the change on another variable
A testable idea or explanationthat can be used to design a scientific investigation
Claimed the law of gravity
Study of objects in outer space