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Family History

Baptism is a welding ___ between generations (D&C 128:18)
Last prophet in Old Testament who prophesied of restoration of sealing power
Commited keys of gathering of Israel (D&C 110:11
With Joseph Smith when Elijah returned. (D&C 110)
Earth will be smitten with a .. (D&C 128:16-18)
Rockies 3rd baseman
Period of time (Eph 1:10)
Sealing power restored at this temple
Commited dispensation of gospel of Abraham (D&C 110:12)
Golden St baseball or stripling
If sealing power is not restored, earth will be utterly ___ at his coming (JSH 1:39)
Told Jos Smith of Malachi's prophecy (JSH 1:33)
Ordinance in this verse (I Cor 15:29)
Formal name for Family History
Restored sealing power (D&C 110:13-16