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History Vocabulary Crossword

Of, relating, or belonging as a part of the whole
The study of prehistoric times by looking at fossils
The remains of plant and animals that have been preserved from an earlier time
Study of history by using objects that people left behind
The years after Jesus' birth
Person who studies history
Distinct sort of kind
Are created by people who did not witness the historical event firsthand
A general attitude about people or life
Arranged in the order of time
A group of ten years
Study of the people and the events of the past
One hundred years
The separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements
Left behind pottery, tools, clothing, and other belongings
Something that shows proof
Ten centuries grouped together
Written material created firsthand during an historical event
The study of human culture and how it changes over time
Common era
An unreasoned, emotional judgement about people and events
The time before people started writing
Periods of thousands of years
A period of tome in which a new historical development occurred