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Author: me
The battle that was fought for the English Throne be William the Conqueror was the Battle of ________________
Nancy Hartt's daughter
The original Declaration of Independence had a condemnation of ____________________________.
Signed in "Carpenter's hall" July 4th 1776
The last tie with England that Paine broke
Delegate who suggested states should be independent and was tabled because it was to radical
William the Conqueror was from this country
The two prophets of the Hebrews that warned them not have kings were Samuel and ______________________
Writer of the Declaration of Independence
Wandering Hebrew nation idea that ended in 1948
Torries shot Nancy Hartt's _________________________
According to "Common Sense", government is a ______________________
John Adams estimated 2/5ths of the population were this
Number of Declarations of Independence before June 1776.
The belief that monarchy causes war.
The three kings of Israel were Saul, David, and ___________________