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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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John Chapter 1

From whom was John sent
According to John 1:24, who had been sent?
What means teacher?
What did the word become?
Can anything good come from there?
One whom did the Spirit remain?
What was the glory of the Word full of?
Who replied, "I baptize with water."
According to John 1:3, what were made through him?
What has not overcome the light?
What was John unworthy to untie?
What was in the beginning?
What shines in the darkness?
Under what did Jesus see Nathanael?
What form did the Spirit of God take in John 1?
What does Jesus baptize with?
What does John baptize with?
What does the Lamb of God take away?
Whom did Philip call?
Where was Philip, Andrew, and Peter from?
As what did John come to testify concerning light?
What when translated is Peter?
Who told Simon, "We have found the Messiah"?
Who was Simon Peter's brother?
What did the Word make among us?