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When people are out of work and businesses are doing badly. Not much money is being spent.
Materials that are produced for people to buy or things that can be seen and touched.
The person who hires someone else to do the work.
Someone who uses goods or services
How much in the way of goods and services people want and are willing to buy at a given price.
The amount of money that must be spent to get a certain good or service.
Items such as land, buildings, tools, money, etc, that are used to produce other goods.
When there are not enough goods and services to satisfy the wants and needs of the people.
Money loaned, usually for a fee that must be paid back.
A business owner
To put money into a business hoping to make a profit.
Things that people must have in order to survive.
Things that people would like to have but can live without.
The person who makes goods or provides services.
The amount of product that is available for people to purchase.
The general rise in the price level of goods and services.
Making and providing goods and services for people to buy.
A person who is hired by someone else to do a job
When people do the jobs that they are interested in and do best.
When people exchange with others to obtain goods and services they have not produced themselves.
Jobs that people do for other people in return.
When income is not spent
The money a person pays to borrow money, the extra amount to pay is usually agreed upon before borrowing.
The amount of money that a company makes after all the costs of running the business have been paid.