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Joseph Smith History 1: 55-65

Because Joseph helped search for the mine, Joseph's critics sometimes call him what? (JSH 1:56)
The angel promised Joseph that if he did all he could to keep the plates safe, he would be _________ (JSH 1:59)
Prof Anthon gave Martin Harris a __________ stating the characters were authentic. (JSH 1:64)
Martin Harris took some of the characters to a professor in New York named _________ (JSH 1: 64)
After Martin Harris told Professor Anthony he could not see the plates, Anthon did what with the certificate? (JSH 1:65)
Josiah Stoal hired Joseph to help him find what? (JSH 1:56)
Sept 21, 1827, Joseph was allowed to obtain what? (JSH 1:59)
Smith's family financial circumstances were ________ (JSH 1:55)
Emma's family _______ her marriage to Joseph (JSH 1:58)
Who was one person who befriended the Smiths at this time of great persecution? (JSH 1:61)
After Joseph received the plates, the _______ became more bitter and severe (JSH 1:60)
What happened to Joseph's brother Alvin? (JSH 1:56)
Who did Joseph marry? (JSH 1:57