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Australian Bird Word

How well do you know your Australian birds?
Type of Cockatoo with a yellow comb
Manic laughter
Impatient waiting; dancing
Subgenus of the Cockatoo
Ostrich cousin
Australian Cygnus
Most Colourful parrot
Also known as a Heron
Calls out a number
Sunbirds; Hummingbirds
Superb ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds
Splendid; superb; redbacked; white-winged; blue
Type of Cockatoo that is partial to Eucalyptus trees and has a bright coloured tail
Sings beautifully
Likes to impale its prey
Also know as a Mickey or Soldierbird
Flightless and prehistoric
Royal bird endemic to Australia
Famous for it's large flat hooked bill and wide gape
Nicknamed the budgie
Named after the bright coloured flesh hanging from the cheeks, neck or throat
Largest Australian bird of prey
Pink and grey parrot