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Ch 1 and 2 Business Law

Set of laws that governs how members of society are to behave.
Laws making criminal past actions that were not defined as criminal when they occurred.
The power to hear peoples appeals from other courts decisions
Laws intended to single out an individual and punish them without benefit of a trial.
A part of English law that derived from custom and judicial precedent rather that statutes.
A written law passed by a legislation body.
A type of legislation that works to cover a complete system of laws.
Requirement that courts follow their own precedent. "stand by the decision"
Established precedents according to a state or any other organization is acknowledged to be governed.
The law of retaliation. the punishment resembles the offense committed in kind and degree
Body of laws that developed in English court. Is now concurred with the common Law.
Set of laws of a state or nation regulating Private Matters. like criminal, political, or military.
No person may be denied the equal protection of laws.
Power of congress to regulate in which the aggregate has substantial economic effect on interstate commerce.
Review by the US supreme court of the constitutional validity of a legislative act.