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CNA History

Author: CNA Staff
2005-RNs deployed to help Louisana flood victims.
2005-CNA ________ Gov. Schwarzenegger attacks on staffing ratios.
1997 to 1998- CNA Kaiser waged an _______ month epic battle, including six strikes, with HMO giant, beating back major takeaways and making significant gains in staffing protections.
2008-5000 joined CNA/NNOC
2010-Haiti was devastated and more RNs were deployed.
1983-joined CNA covering 4,420 RNs.
2003-The largest mostly nonunion hospital chain joins CNA.
1975-NLRB protective right
2006-joined CNA/NNOC
1913-California became first state to included _______ student nurses in laws and limit work day to 8 hours for women's labor.
2009-first _______ ____ of Action.
2004-RN safe staffing ______ implemented in all California acute-care hospitals.
1996-CNA wins DHS changes strengthening RNs' ability _____ for patients.
1966-Mass _____ protest and win major gains. Including: time-and-a-half for holidays worked.
2001-nine _____ hospitals join CNA.
Assemblymember who introduced A.B. 394
2014-first medical case in United States.
1995-CNA ______ ties with American Nurses Association.
1993-CNA represented this many CHW facilities.
1969-Establishment of ____.