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History of Public Health Nursing

Henry Street Settlement
Founded Nursing Organizations
Team in community health- client and ____
Author of early textbooks
Patient in community health
Stresses collaboration and teamwork- ______health nursing.
First birth control clinic in America
Care of poor sick at home- 2 words
Thinking that related disease to reason
Most highly rated profession in relation to ethics and honesty
Frontier Nursing
Nightingale stressed the affect ______ had on the patients healing and wellbeing
Number of stages of community health nursing
First African -American Nurse
Mrs. Gillespie has ____ granddaughter
Academic preparation for community health nursing
Community nurses prevent and ______health
First Nurse appointed a university professor
First to use term "Public Health Nursing"
Established body of nursing knowledge apart form medical knowledge
This law provided care for the poor
An ____is a group of people that have a commonality