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Unit 2-Ancient Greece

Majority of the Roman population; average people
Government in which a king or queen exercises central power
Law code for Rome
Person who suffers or dies for his or her beliefs
Government in which the people hold ruling power
War between Athens and Sparta
Member of the landholding upper class in ancient Rome
From Macedonia; conquered surrounding lands like Greece
Wrote the Aeneid
System of government in which officials are chosen by the people.
Tyrant from Athens; more relaxed ruler; walked away from power
Type of column, simple with a square top
Group of 3 people who had control over Rome.
Type of column; fancy has scrolls and leaves at the top
Government headed by a privileged minority or upper class
Greek god; chief god
System of government in which citizens participate directly in the day to day affairs of government rather than through elected officials.
Part of the Persian War; Greeks won with better tactics; where the distance for a marathon comes from
Greek poet; wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey
Government under the rule of an absolute ruler or tyrant
In ancient Rome, official from the patrician class who supervised the government and commanded the armies
To establish a colony; to settle
War between Athens/Sparta and the Persian Empire
In ancient Greece, a massive formation of heavily armed foot soldiers
Sacred text for Christianity
Period of Greek history
Government in which ruling power belongs to a few pople
Opening in the center of town; similar to a plaza
Greek philosopher; father of philosophy
Political unit made up of a city and the surrounding lands
Greek philosopher; student of Socrates
Type of column; has scrolls at the top
Tyrant from Athens; harsh rule