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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Ancient History 1.1, L 1-3

Reread pages 2 - 9 in your textbook, My World History.
People who developed the earliest known form of writing
Stands for anno Domini, Latin for "in the year of our Lord"
A term used by historians; it stands for "before common era"
An archaeological dig
The study of humankind in all aspects, especially development and culture
A secondary ____ is information about an event that does not come from a person who experienced the event.
Early Roman calendars were based on the movements of the ____ .
A _______ source is information that comes directly from a person who experienced an event.
The time before humans invented writing
An object such as a tool or a weapon that was made by a human being
The scientific study of ancient cultures through the examination of artifacts and other evidence
This calendar is based on the movement of Earth around the sun
People who study events in the past
An unfair preference for or dislike of something
A list of events in the order in which they occurred
Artifacts that are buried _____ are usually thought to be older than objects found in soil not as deep.
____ tradition is a community's cultural and historical background, passed down in spoken stories and songs.