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Good Friday

Author: Salsa
Crucifix. Good Friday is when Jesus died 4 our sins on the __
Pain. Crucifixion causes great __
Rising from the dead. Jesus said, I am the __ & the life, believe in Me & U will live again. John 11:25
Hello. Aloha is a Hawaiian __
Condition. Roman soldiers checked Jesus' __ on the cross & found Him dead
Add up. __ the cost of not following Christ (eternal damnation)
Exhausted. Christ became __ on the cross
Encountering. Imagine __ the risen Christ on the road to Emmaus
Sight organ. The Lord will return in the twinkling of an __. 1 Corinthians 15:52
Is there a ladder 2 Heaven that is not the cross?
Long period of time
Physician (ab)
Calculation. In my __, mortals owe the immortal King of Kings highest praise
Heroic. Easter is an __ historic event
One. Eat __ apple
Easter paintings & decorations
Frighten. Death should not __ a Christian
Substantial. Eyewitnesses provided __ proof of Jesus' resurrection
Anointing or EVOO
Strike. Roman soldiers chose 2 __ Jesus
Necessary. It is __ that we trust Christ's sacrificial atonement 4 salvation
Theatrical event. An Easter pageant is a redemptive __
Speech defect
AM/FM sound machine
Transgressions. Jesus died 2 atone 4 my __
After His resurrection, Jesus appeared on the road to __
Stop. Life on earth will __ but eternity elsewhere will begin
God incarnate crucified on Good Friday
Place 4 bones of the dead
Burial cloth, __ of Turin
Viewed. Eyewitnesses said they had __ the risen Christ
Tomorrows. Jesus' resurrection changed our __
Expulsion of evil spirits. Judas needed an __ after Satan entered him
That is (ab)
Culpability. Jesus' death on the cross washes away the __ of confessed sin. 1 John 1:9
Big. Trusting Jesus 4 4giveness has a __ impact on my afterlife
Rows, levels
Overflowing. Jerusalem's streets were __ with Passover visitors
Not off
Humans. The immortal Christ died 4 __
Pleasant. A __ French Riviera port is __
Loss of life. Jesus' resurrection conquered __
Decay. Jesus' body did not __, it rose from the grave
Temper fit. Unbelievers have a __ when told 2 kneel B4 the cross
Enrages. Easter __ Satan
Blocked sunlight. Earth was dark like an __ as Jesus hung on the cross
Country dad
Erin. St Patrick evangelized this island
Reclines. A Mary type __ @ Jesus' feet; a Martha martyr creates stress & work
Help. Scripture will __ your knowledge of Messianic prophesies Christ fulfilled
Carries. Jesus __ my burdens 4 me
Pungent edible bulb. Sautee garlic & __
Biblical high priest
Who needs 2 kneel B4 the cross?
Not out