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geography of the fertile crescent section 3-1

The area between the Rigris and Euphrates rivers is known as _______
When water was not controlled, what was a major problem
_________, such as constructing building and digging irrigation systems, required specialized workers, managers, and organization.
The region is part of a large area called the _________, a large arc of rich, or fertile, farming land
The rivers of ____________ supported the growth of civilization
Farmers could produce a food or more than they need.
A way of supplying water to an area of land
They dug _______ human-made waterways, that connected these basins to a network of ditches
The type of arrangement in which each worker specialized in a particular task or job.
New _______ techniques led to the growth of cities
With irrigation, he people of Mesopotamia were able to grow more what?
Early settlements in Mesopotamia were located near what?
A mixture of rich soil and tiny rocks