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Physical objects that people buy
Factor of production that refers to goods and services such as buildings, equipment, roads, dams and machinery.
Factor of production that refers to human resources.
Action a person does for another for pay.
Trade that is mutually beneficial to both parties
The ability of an individual or group to carry out a particular economic activity (such as making a specific product) more efficiently than another activity.
Resource goes to the luckiest; random; fair
Factor of production that refers to natural resources or gifts of nature such as oil, iron ore, forests and water.
This is when people want a good or service and have the ability to pay for it.
Resource goes to those who win an election; voting; consensus; largest number of people are satisfied
Refers to the process by which rational consumers seeking their own happiness or utility will make choices.
Resource goes to the one who is strongest (physical, mental, political); most forceful
When a limited amount of goods and services are available to meet unlimited wants and needs
A process in which you compare what you will give up and gain from an action
All natural resources used to make goods and services
A special kind of labor that represents the characteristics of people who assume the risk of organizing land, labor and capital resources to produce goods and services.
When individuals and businesses do what they do best
The alternatives we give up when we choose one action over another
A place that allows buyers and sellers to exchange things
Things that are important for survival