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Culinary II Test Review- History of Nutrition, Proteins, Parts of a Knife

period__________________ date:____________
culinary ii
The unsharpened metal at the end of the blade that the handle attaches to
Vegetarians get their proteins by combining these types of proteins
Formulated the one nutrient theory
The Book of Daniel is part of this book
The twentieth century
In the 1700"s Limes is another name for this fruit.
The one nutrient theory lasted until this era.
A wound that heals with an opening to the outside of the body.
The first nutritional experiment included vegetables and _______
The Father of Nutrition
Meat, Poultry and Fish are considered what type of protein
This part of the knife is used for starting a hole or piercing
The first stage of digestion of proteins takes place her
British Seaman
Dr. James Lind published a Treatise on ___________
How many essential amino acids are in complete proteins
A serving size of protein is the size of
Proteins help the body build and repair this tissue
This part of the knife is used for delicate cutting