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History of Democracy

absolute authority within territorial boundaries
The principle that the greater number should exercise greater power
Ideas influenced Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence
Provide essential services individuals could not do on their own.
Established that the monarch could not impose taxes
One of the reasons for colonization
king, queen, or emperor exercises powers of government
removed King James II from power
He wrote the social contract
Gave ideas of sovereignty majority rule and equality
Practiced a direct democracy and Government decisions made by majority vote
French philosopher who supported the idea of the 3 branches of government
people are directly responsible for the laws that govern their society
One of the reasons for colonization
Pilgrims sailed across ocean aboard Mayflower
Stated No one is above the law! Even the king must obey the
Stated the people were Free to do anything the law doesn’t specifically forbid
One of the reasons for colonization
Study of rights and duties of citizens
Law that is not written but is recognized
Stated Freedom of religion