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History Crossword

Printing process where ink is applied to a grease-treated printing surface which only accepts ink where grease in not placed
Movement of population into urban environments
Press machine which transfers text and images onto paper though the process of pressing ink onto paper using movable, reusable metal type.
______ Resource Locator; also known as a web address
Increase in the development of large-scale manufacturing
Writing system used in the Middle East during the ancient times.
Cave paintings in southern France discovered in 1940
Typestting machine where a complete line of the text is set at once
Characters in the ancient Egyptian writing system
Appearance of a written or printed word.
Containing regular lines and shapes
Printing process of pressing ink onto a carved piece of wood to transfer ink onto paper, clay or silk.
Quality of lacking symmetry, being unbalanced in shape, size or arrangement
Cave paintings near Montignac, France discovered in 1940.
WWW is also known as the World Wide ______.