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Practical Motoring : Car Crossword #1

Author: Robert Pepper
Metal tubing for protection, front rear and sides
Common sizes are 40, 50, 60. 70 would be big.
Belt-driven FI
R51, G60, Y62
It's not a true offroader without one (8,5)
Joins two ropes permanently
Pig's tail suspension
Lowest possible set of gears (5,5)
The ADF offroader (1,4)
Metric grid
Cross axle traction
In case of inversion
Lingerie for water
Technique used with manual 4WDs (3,5)
Back end slides out, best do this (8,4)
Winch extension or snatch
Since 1948
The originals are red, heavy, versatile and often found on roofracks (2,4,4)
Make shorter
Twins or monos...
Basic recovery gear item
You rely on their guidance
Twenty litres of goodness
What you choose before you drive the terrain
Quick tyre repair
Can be suspension or body