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Battles of the American Revolution

Teacher: William Eosso
This battle resulted in the biggest defeat to British morale that forced General Cornwallis to retreat to the North. Hint: it was fought in South Carolina
This was the last and final battle of the American Revolution. It was fought in Virginia and led Cornwallis to surrender.
The letter Congress sent to the King to try to avoid war
The Green Mountain Boys helped win this battle. Americans took the British cannons and artillery from this Fort.
A soldier who is paid to fight for another country. Hint: Hessian soldier
He was the commander of the American troops during the American Revolution. Hint: he was our 1st president
A person who acts against his or her country. Hint: Benedict Arnold was the most infamous one in American History.
This battle was known as the "shot heard around the world" Battle of ________ and Concord.
First important Battle of American independence. Known also as the Battle of Breed's Hill Hint: "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes"
Document that ended the American Revolution. Hint: it was signed in capitol of France
This battle was fought in New York and was known as "the turning point" of the war.
This battle was the first victory for the colonists that boosted their morale and forced the British to retreat back to Boston. Battle of Lexington and ________
This battle was the biggest loss for the colonists that resulted in the British controlling most of the South.