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Watchung Election Season 2018

"two lakes and a __________"
Abbr: election date
Coalition to ______ Watchung Library
Common sight, with goose
The nicest council member
One of two in Watchung
Friendly face at 18 across
Beautification candidate
Pays for 4 down
Tree or Street
Site of 20 across, for short
Ours in SCLS
First female Democratic candidate for council ever
"Forever ___" (The last time borough council members ran opposed)
Recent headline: The ____ Scare That Wasn't
Our beloved institution for 80 years. Also a community center.
Runs 17 across
Rare color seen often in Watchung these days
2014 councill resolution choice
Hot issue, with affrdbl
Site of derbies and ducks
Appointed councilman running in 2018
Nicer word for kill
FB site
____ n Ride
Some of us like them
________ species
They appear to be abbreviated
"There are two challengers for Borough _______ this year!"
Bond rating
Library-supporting mayor
Pro-library Mayoral candidate 2018
Previous Dem councilman
Leads the purple team
Pro-library Lindsay for council
The other choice along with 30 across
Borough council mtg day
Owns Gray's
Issue, with 39 across
Councilman supports 2014 repair or rebuild resolution
Former 18 across head
Borough or Exempt
It stops traffic sometimes
"____ signs are popping up all over!"
Year of resolution to repair or rebuild WGL: Two thousand _____ teen
16 down's right hand
They provide 4 down