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History 1st quarter review

Multifamily apartment buildings...the projects.
Investment banker who created holding companies that sold stock in other businesses.
Created the elevator making skyscrapers feasible in the cities.
Port of entry for Asian immigrants.
The crop that ruled the south and needed lots of slave labor to grow.
What they expected Natives to do with the whites. Means become like them.
The industrialist known for steel who used the Bessemer process to create enough to build skyscrapers, bridges, etc.
Places set up to help immigrants learn English, find jobs and housing, childcare and help in the "Americanization" of the immigrants.
Group of workers who collectively bargain for better pay, hours, treatment.
Author of the Souls of Black Folk, said not to give up any civil rights, even temporarily, especially the right to vote.
Founded the American Birth Control League to help families improve their standard of living by having fewer kids.
Started Standard Oil that refined oil and controlled 90 percent of that business in the USA.
The time period from 1870 and 1900. Things looked better but there was a seedy underside of corruption.
People who wanted to stop immigration and only let "real" Americans stay in the country,
Where the early American colonists came from.
Why settlers flooded into California making it a state before many in the middle of the country.
Laws put into place to keep the freed blacks segregated and discriminated against.
Port where European immigrants entered America.
Taxation without out this angered the American colonists.
The growth of cities.
Started Hull House a famous settlement house in Chicago.
Where the first shots of the Civil War occurred.
Reason many moved into the cities.
Started out in shipping but then switched to trains and ran the shipping market.