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Unit 4: Fish

Sloppy eaters; friend of sea anemones
To travel to colder waters in the summer; warmer waters in fall
A sea animal that looks like a plant
Help fish breathe under water
What goldfish need because they have no eyelids
Fish with long bodies that live in both fresh and salt water
Has a t-shaped head; found in topical waters
Kind of bass that live in warm tropical waters
Snake-like fish
S-shaped fish; bony, bumpy plates cover it
Organ that helps fish float
Amount of fish that can be found in a school
Thin plates that cover the outside of fish
Makes up skeletons of fish; softer than bone
Type of carp bred for their beauty
Have wide, flat bodies; wing-like fins
When body temperature changes to the temperature of the water around the animals
Having a backbone
Fast swimming fish; up to 40 mph; skeletons made of cartilage
Best-known, most dangerous shark
Meat eaters
Fish that live near bottom of the oceans
Smallest shark
Where eels usually live
Help fish swim and stay balanced
Lays eggs that cling to seaweed
Group of fish