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Ch 24 Am History Vocab quiz

Lyndon Johnson's Vice President.
Groups that were not interested in equal rights but proclaimed that blacks were superior to whites.
Anti war Democratic senator from Minnesota
Imposed a 90 day freeze on all wages and prices
The first and most important act to aid in the building of the great society.
Take any and all necessary actions to repel an attack against the forces of the US
North Vietnamese and pro communist South Vietnamese guerilla's
South Vietnamese village
A relaxation of the tension between two nations since WWII
Group of Americans that were believed to be non violent.
College campus in Ohio where 4 students were shot and killed during a riot.
Forced transportation of students out of their neighborhoods to other schools to until all schools reflected the overall racial makeup of the city or community as a whole. .
Sent federal officials into states to help register blacks to vote and outlawed literacy tests for voters.
System in which Government would help all citizens gain the opportunity to better themselves politically socially and economically.
Riots in the summers of 65,66,and 67.
South Dakota senator and nominee for the Democratic party in the election of 1972
Nixon's secretary of state
Outlawed the use of poll taxes
Interpreting the law and the constitution broadly
North Vietnamese's offer to hold peace talks.
Attack on the South Vietnamese during the celebration of Tet.
Radical groups that hoped to use resentment of the war as a means of overthrowing established American instructions.
Government health insurance program