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19th Century World History

Teacher: Steve Lucas
An area in which an outside power claims exclusive trading or investment privileges
The long process of the shift of production from hand tools to machines
A strong feeling of pride and devotion to one's country
Government in which a king or queen exercises central power
The man who eventually emerged as the leader of France following the French Revolution
The man responsible for the theory of evolution
The idea that evolution could be used to explain racial superiority
Movement of people from rural areas to cities
Territory purchased from France by the United States in 1803
Domination of one country of the political , economic, or cultural life of another country or region
The idea that all forms of life had evolved into their present state over millions of years
Indian man known for nonviolent demonstration and his fight against poverty and support of Indian independence
Long time monarch of Great Britain during 1800's
System in which the people as a whole rather than private individuals own all property and operate all businesses
Wrote the "Communist Manifesto"
Linked the Red Sea and Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea
Invented the Cotton Gin
This is what India was seeking in the battle against British Imperialism